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Friday, 7 August 2015

Makeup Revolution Lip Liners

I am a big lover of lip products, actually let me rephrase that, I am a huge lover of lip products and if you were to go through my hand bag right now you'd probably find at least 5 - 10 different lip products from lip balms to lip glosses and lipsticks.
But when going through my lip products drawer I noticed I only had a handful of lip liners, I never recently used lip liners but when I do, I can tell the difference. My lips look much neater and just generally nicer all together. When making my first Makeup Revolution order (you can see what else I bought here), I thought I would try some of their lip liners.

Makeup Revolution’s first Lip Pencil with built in sharpener. Super-Soft and Intensive Formula to Line your lips or even fill in your entire lips with its creamy pigmentation.

They currently have an offer on where if you purchase all eight lip liners, you only pay for six. So you're basically getting two for free but you can also buy them individually if you think there are shades here that you may not use.
I thought the shade selections were pretty good. You get a range of different pinks, a few lighter nudey shades and also a few darker plum colours which will be amazing for the Autumn season.
These also have a built in sharpener in the lids, so you can make sure you can get a precise line on the go. Genius!

L-R - Vamp, Rebel, Cherry Red, Bold Pink, Soft Pink, Baby Pink, Nearly Naked, The One

I always like to apply a lip balm before applying any lip products as I generally feel that makes the overall application much better.
As you can tell by the swatches, the pigmentation for these is amazing and not only that, when you apply them they feel ever so creamy and smooth! 
I have used The One under a nude lipstick and it looked amazing. It really helped with the application of the lipstick and also with the staying power too.
I have only worn Bold Pink and Soft Pink on their own so far but even these have lasted a good 3 - 4 hours on the lips which to me is really good staying power.
I can't wait to rock the plum shades in the Autumn time and I am pretty sure they will be making appearances on the blog in the near future!

These lip liners cost a mere £1 each and I think they are amazing. There is a shade for everyone and I think you all should have at least one of these in your makeup bags!

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution lip liners?

Emily x 

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  1. Only £1 each that's amazing! I love the range of shades available. I actually don't own a single lip pencil so I think these will be a great start to my collection!

    Roxie x

  2. I think I need all of these! They look so good

  3. Pretty colour range and so inexpensive too :)
    Makeup revolution products are always great quality too for the price.

    Have a nice day ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  4. Fantastic shade range. I'm loving makeup revolution at the minute x

  5. I have actually tried these the other day, they're amazing I reckon! xx


  6. I've never tried these but they look so pretty, I'm definitely going to buy a few soon!

  7. Well for this price you really cant go wrong. I can feel a big purchase coming on!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. These look insane, specially when theyre so cheap! Definitely gonna go pick up some of the bright pink shades!

  9. These are amazing for £1, I love the idea of the built in sharpener! Time saver!

    Just Little Things xo

  10. They look amazing for their price!

  11. Gorgeous colour selection & they look so pigmented too. Lip pencils are a product that I don't use too often but for £1 I think I will get a couple of wearable colours to test out

  12. I love make up revolution and they are such a good price! And cruelty free!

    Rach //

  13. You can't go wrong with a lip liner for only £1 really!
    I love the look of vamp, I'll definitely be checking these out, such a baragin!
    Mantenso xx
    She's AbouThat Life

  14. I can't believe these are only £1, I'm so tempted to buy all of them! I have to admit, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to lip liner, but I think that's because I can't be bothered to buy one for each lipstick haha, it soon adds up. xx


  15. These look great, I really like that they have a built in sharpener because I can never find one

    Emma emhasrednails

  16. They are so cheap and look so good. Thanks for such an amazing post and btw I just came upon your blog and let me tell you that it is very nice. I'm following you via GFC, would you please follow me back.

    Chaste & Beautiful

  17. Can't believe these are only £1!! Definitely need to try them out!

  18. wow only a pound they look great love the built in sharpener such a good idea!

  19. They're so affordable at £1 but look like they're good quality! I love the Cherry Red shade, especially for winter/autumn! Great post

    Tayla | Daisychains16

  20. Have you tried the essence lip liners! They're only a £1 too! They're soo so good!!'


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