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Friday, 31 July 2015

Beauty & The Bunch | Colorsport Bunch

Beauty and the Bunch is an innovative website, selling bunches of beauty with bunches of discounts! Our brands include Natural World, Balance Active Formula, Janina Toothpaste and more. In a nutshell, Beauty and the Bunch sell bunches from various beauty brands with discounts, which is why our motto is providing luxurious beauty products with realistic prices!

They very kindly sent me one of their bunches, the Colorsport Brows and More bunch. This includes the Smokey Eyes & Perfect Brows Kit*, Rapid Lash-Gro Eyeliner* and the 24 Hour Eyeliner*.

Smokey Eyes & Perfect Brows Kit* - can take you from day to night in a moment. Get statement brows with perfectly plucked arches and eyebrows with the angled brush and contour your eyes with the matte shades to achieve those smokey eyes.
I'm a big lover of eyebrow products at the moment and I am really liking this one. I use the lightest shade in the palette to fill my brows with the angled brush supplied. It is the perfect size to take travelling or to pop in your handbag as it comes with everything you need to have amazing brows! One thing that would make it better would be to have a wax in there to set the brows.
You can also use these eye shadows to create a lovely brown smokey look.

Rapid Lash-Gro Eyeliner* - is an innovating liquid eyeliner and eyelash enhancing treatment. It helps to improve the appearance of eyelashes' length, thickness and fullness in just 4 to 8 weeks.
I can't say I noticed a difference in my eyelashes but this was a nice product to use. I did however find the brush hard to use as it is quite thin but maybe that's just me as I suck at applying eyeliner!

24 Hour Eyeliner* - defines and accentuates your eyes with long lasting colour. The unique easy-to-use precision nib creates an accurate even line without smudging. 
Like I said above, I am still getting use to applying eyeliner as I am shocking at it but the brush is nice and easy to use and it's a good solid black shade. I am hoping practice makes perfect!

I definitely suggest you take a look at the website as it's great for finding and buying products you like in bulk at discount prices.

The Colorsport Bunch retails at £27.41 and can be purchased here.

Emily x 

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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Em's Tips | 20 Beauty/Fashion Post Ideas

Back in April I shared with you my tips on how to overcome Bloggers Block. Today I thought I would give you 20 beauty and fashion blog post ideas for when you need a little inspiration on what to blog about. Enjoy!

Share your wish list - These are one of my favourite posts to read. Create a collage of all the items you're currently lusting after and link the items so the rest of us can find them.

What’s in your makeup bag? We all like to have a nose at other peoples products, so this is an interesting way to see what you use on a day to day basis.

What beauty/fashion advice would you give to your younger self? Was that makeup habit horrendous? Do you want to tell her to be more confident? Share it.

Show us your everyday makeup look. What products do you use? How do you apply them and in what order? What makes you wear them everyday?

Product reviews - If you have a mascara with amazing lengthening power, or a moisturiser that leaves your skin feeling amazing, we all want to know about it! I always turn to blogs to find an honest review before I go and splurge on a product!

Share the love and tell us about your favourite beauty and fashion bloggers. You can write a list of your top five (with links and credit of course), or do it across multiple posts by choosing one blog at a time and linking to your favourite posts and why you like them.

Spill your beauty and fashion blunders - You must have a funny story from years ago where something went wrong, share it and make us feel better about ours! Pictures would make the post even better ;). I have some cringy pictures of me with super thin eyebrows and pink eyeshadow ha!

Outfit of the day - This is something I want to start doing more of. If you love your outfit or are wearing something new, then show it off and link to wear you bought the items.

Find some old photos and show us your hair history. I know for a fact my hair has been blonde and long, blonde and short, brunette, slightly copperish and blonde and long again!

Nail art - Are you creative with your nails? Do you create amazing patterns and designs? Then show us! I am always amazed by nail art!

Dupe posts - Found a drugstore product which is very similar to a high end product? Then post about it. Everyone loves a good dupe.

Have you been shopping recently? Blog about what you have been buying and where you have bought it from. Why you bought it? Was it an impulse buy or for a special occasion?

Beauty tips - Share the makeup and beauty tips and tricks you swear by.

Your makeup collection/storage - One of my favourite posts to read and watch on youtube, are of peoples makeup collection. I can sit there for hours watching videos of people just talking about their set up and collections. I also love seeing how they set it up, what storage they use etc...

Monthly favourites - Tell us about the beauty products you’ve been loving this month and why.

Pick an item of clothing, like a striped top or black dress, and show how you can style it different ways for a full week.

If your a lover of thrift, share your money saving tips or best ways to shop without spending a fortune!

Show us your top five's of different types of makeup. Your top five mascaras, lipsticks, primers...

Do you have a beauty or fashion style crush? Tell us about the celebrity who’s makeup you'd love to recreate or who’s wardrobe you would just love to steal.

If you're subscribed to a beauty box (i.e. Glossybox, Birchbox, Latest In Beauty, etc), film or photograph an unboxing and show what you got for the month.

I hope some of you found this useful! Be sure to let me know if you try any!

Emily x 

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Makeup Revolution Haul

Makeup Revolution are a brand that has been appearing all over social media and in the blogging world but I currently own only two products by them, both of which are eye shadow palettes. I wanted to branch out and see what else they had to offer, so I finally took the plunge and made an order. I think the free delivery and 10% off code definitely helped!

They have just released two new face palettes; Ultra Contour Palette (£8) and Ultra Base Corrector Palette (£8). I didn't pick up the corrector palette this time round but I did however, pick up the Contour palette. My summer makeup recently has consisted of bronzer and contouring, so I was super excited to see this palette. It has a lovely mix of six bronze shades with two highlighting powders. I can't wait to put it to the test!
I am obsessed with blusher so I had to get two of their gorgeous blush palettes, just look at how pretty they are! I got Sugar & Spice (£6) which has six lovely warm and cool pink blushes with two highlighters and Hot Spice (£6) which again has six gorgeous warm and bright corals and this also comes with two highlighters.

This next palette is one of the main things I really wanted to get my hands on, the Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette (£6) in light-medium. It has eight different concealer shades ranging from light to medium which will be perfect for under the eyes and on any blemishes/redness too.

Next I went a bit crazy on their lip liners (£1 each). They had an offer on where if you bought all eight you save yourself £2, so basically you are getting two free. I only own a couple of lip liners, so I thought why not. There are some gorgeous plums shades which will be perfect for the autumn time along with some lovely pinks and nudes for all year round.

You're probably thinking why did I pick up the Focus & Fix Concealer (£2) when I have just purchased that palette full of them. Well, if I'm honest, you can never have enough concealers! I wanted to see what the formula was like and whether it was light or full coverage, plus it's great to just chuck in your makeup bag for when you are on the go rather than carrying the big palette around.
Lastly I picked up the Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray (£5). I currently own the Urban Decay setting spray but I wanted to try something from the drugstore to see if it works the same or is similar at half the price!

I will be reviewing all these products individually, so make sure you keep an eye out for those posts in the future! I would love to know what your favourite products are from MR, so please leave any recommendations in the comments below!

Have you bought anything from Makeup Revolution recently?

Emily x 

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Body Shop | Oils Of Life

I have always been a fan of The Body Shop and their products, especially their body lotions. I think I have about 6 body butters sitting in my drawers waiting to be used!
But one thing I haven't really tried is their skincare range but have heard many good reviews about it. So when an email landed in my inbox asking if I would like to try out some of their new products from two of their new collections I couldn't wait. I received three products from their Spa Of The World range (a post to come on them soon) and three products from their Oils Of Life range, which is what today's post is all about.

The Oils of Life range is designed for mature skin, so you're probably thinking why am I reviewing it then. Well, the products themselves are designed to revitalise the skin and to give your skin a well needed boost.
Inside these amazing products are three very special seeds that have been sourced to bring the best skincare to us on the high street. The three key ingredients are; Rosehip seed oil from Chile, Camellia seed oil from China and Black cumin seed oil from Egypt. Each ingredient was selected as they are known for their preserving properties.

Give new life to your skin with our new collection infused with black cumin seed oil, rosehip seed oil and camellia seed oil, known for their supreme revitalising and repairing properties on skin. This daily routine has been created to intensely revitalise skin, revive radiance and visibly reduce signs of ageing.

I have had a play with all three products for the past week or so and although I can't give you a complete review as it's only been a short while, I can give you my first impressions. I use all three products together on a daily basis so I can achieve the best results.
These products do have a scent to them, which I actually like. I would describe the scent as a typical spa kind of scent, very pleasant and makes you feel quite relaxed.

Intensively Revitalising Essence Lotion - £15 for 160ml* | This unique bi-phase oil [oil + water] formula is your essential first step after cleansing to prepare and activate your skin for the next steps of the routine.
As it's a 'bi-phase oil', you need to shake the bottle to mix them together. I then pour a little amount on a cotton pad and gently sweep it all over my face. I love using cleansing lotions as I feel like it removes any dirt or makeup that my face wash didn't get. My face is left feeling clean and refreshed, ready for the next step.

Intensively Revitalising Facial Oil - £28 for 30ml* | With 99% oils of natural origin, this lightweight facial oil reduces the signs of ageing and effortlessly melts into your complexion for smoother, softer feeling skin. 
As I have combination skin, I am always a bit wary of using an oil on my face but this facial oil is lovely and light. I like the style of this bottle and the pipette it comes with. This makes it so much easier to apply the correct amount without getting in an oily mess. I gently massage this into my face and it sinks in quite quickly without leaving an oily residue.

Intensively Revitalising Cream - £25 for 50ml* | Wonderfully sensorial from the moment it touches your face, this daily cream with a silky-soft texture contains skin-perfecting micro-pearls for more youthful-looking, smoother and softer feeling skin with a non-greasy finish. 
This is a lovely thick cream but feels very soft to the touch. Although it's thick, it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy but instead well moisturised and a lovely base to apply my makeup. I also feel it would be a great face cream in the winter months too.

The Oils Of Life range launches online and in store from 1st September 2015.

Emily x 

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

2True | Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Varnishes

If you have read this post here you would know that I was very kindly sent a bunch of goodies from the makeup brand, 2True. They are brand that I have seen in my local Superdrug but haven't tried before so I couldn't wait to test them out. The first products that caught my eye were these nail varnishes.
These are titled Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Varnishes. I was instantly intrigued to put these to the test and see if they lived up to their name as one thing I don't like doing is waiting for my nail varnish to dry!
I received the shades 29 - a lovely light pink, 32 - a pretty beige pink and 27 - an amazing orange red.

"Dries fast, one coat coverage and intense gloss finish with optimised durability".
The nail varnish brush itself is flat which helped with the application. I applied two coats and the finish was lovely and shiny. My nails took about 5 minutes to dry and I was able to use my hands without the fear of smudging or ruining them. The nail varnish lasting a good 7 days before I had to take it off and reapply which is just amazing.

Overall I would 100% recommend these nail varnishes. They are very affordable, long lasting and have a wide range of shades. I am definitely going to pick up some more!

Nail Varnishes - £1.99*

Emily x 

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Favourite Disney Pixar Films

Back in February I posted my favourite Disney films (you can view that here). Today I will be sharing my favourite Disney Pixar films with you.
Also it's only 6 weeks until I visit Disney World!! I am beyond excited!

Toy Story | I love toy story, it's what every kid wonders about. whether your toys come to life when you're not there? I remember owning Toy Story on video and it was definitely one of the most played videos we'd own. Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actors, so for the fact that he is the voice of the main character makes me enjoy this film even more.

Finding Nemo | I love Disney films about animals and this one is definitely one of my faves! This is such a heart warming story about the determination of one father's journey to find his missing son lost in the ocean. I love that it's based around Sydney as that's one place I'd love to visit! When times are hard just remember to "Just Keep Swimming".

UP | This film made me watery eyed within the first 10 minutes. Just like Finding Nemo, UP has a lovely story line and is such a colourful film. One of my favourite scenes is when the house has lots of balloons attached and starts to float magical!

Cars | I have to admit I didn't think I would like this film at first as I'm not a big fan of cars and racing but after watching it I really liked it and have watched it many times over! It has lots of funny quotes and my favourite character has to be Mater. I'm really excited about visiting Cars land in Hollywood Studios.

What are your favourite Disney Pixar films?

Emily x 

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Beauty Kitchen | Wonder Balms

Beauty Kitchen are a company that create handmade skincare products with 100% natural ingredients. They have a range of products to help hydrate, cleanse, exfoliate and massage your skin.
All their products come cutely packaged and have been made out of natural products or have been recycled.
I recently tried their Inspire Me Body Polish (review here) and I loved it, so when they got in contact asking if I would like to try their new Wonder Balms, I was very excited.

What They Say - Why can you never find a lip balm when you need one? Our moisturising Wonder Balms come in the cutest little tins so you can always keep yours with you. It’s all natural so won’t dry your skin, no matter how often you apply. The beeswax and cocoa butter are super nourishing and the addition of nature's secret weapon - Abyssinian Oil gives a truly wonderful balm in 6 different scents.

Wake Me - the perfect energising blend of high grade essential oils to uplift your mood and add a little zing to your day.
Inspire Me - our secret blend of uplifting pure high grade essential oils including lemongrass, grapefruit, spearmint, fennel and basil.
Love Me - originally a scent for Christmas, our Love Me blend has remained a firm favourite with comforting cinnamon leaf and patchouli.
Chill Me - including lavender, eucalyptus and clary sage this scent is the ultimate relaxing and calming blend of nature’s finest chill out ingredients.
Refresh Me - spearmint, lavender and peppermint are included in this high grade essential oil blend for a soothing and refreshing infusion.
Spoil Me - our Spoil Me high grade essential oil blend includes cedarwood, orange sweet and aniseed.

I was kindly sent two, Inspire Me and Refresh Me. They come in an ever so cute tin which contains 10ml of product. The product itself feels very creamy and smooth. I apply it liberally to my lips and they are left feeling lovely. These are also great to apply just before a lip product as they smooth out any dry bits. The scents are quite subtle and do fade quickly once applied, however the minty taste/scent does linger which I really like as I love minty products.
Overall I really like these. They are very moisturising and both have such lovely scents. They are the perfect size to keep in my handbag so I can have soft moisturised lips on the go and I will definitely be taking one of these in my hand luggage for holiday!

Wonder Balms - £2.99* Available to buy from Beauty Kitchen and selected Holland & Barrett stores nationwide.

Emily x 

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Friday, 17 July 2015

2True Beauty Haul

Just a quick post from me today as I wanted to share with you what I received from the ever so affordable brand, 2True. I was contacted by the drugstore brand about a month or so ago and I was asked if I wanted to try out some of their products. 2True are a brand I see in Superdrug but I have never bought anything from them.
Their products are very affordable as they are all priced under £5! I have listed the products below and will be doing individual reviews on the blog soon!

Pro 8hr Power Lip Colour - Angelina
Pro Bright Touch Concealer - 01 Light
Pro BB Beautiful - No1
Pro WOW! Volume Mascara - No1
Pro WOW! Colour FOr Eyes - No2 Crystal Quartz
Pro WOW! Gloss For Lips - No1 Peachy Pout & No5 Powerful Pout
Effotless Eyeliner
Colour Drench Lipstick No1
Eyeshadow Dazzler No2
Crystal Lipgloss No1
Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish - 29 (peach), 27 (red) & 32 (beige pink)

I have already tried the nail varnishes and the 8hr lip colour and I have to say I'm very impressed! I can't wait to share my reviews with you.

Have you tried 2true makeup before??

Emily x 

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Zoella Beauty | Tutti Fruity Collection

The 6th July was my birthday and was also the day the new Zoella Beauty products were released. As I was in town anyways, I thought I would take a look at what was on offer.
This is the second lot of products in her range and these are all based around the scent, Tutti Fruity.
I really like the bright and colourful packaging of these products. They are very fun and girlie and look great sitting in my bathroom.
There are seven products in the collection featuring a body scrub, body lotion, bath fizzers, a lip balm, a body spritzer, body wash and a makeup bag.
When I saw the product pictures, only three of the products really stood out to me and they are those below.
Scrubbing Me Softly Smoothing Body Scrub - £7 | I do love a good body scrub and I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It's a sugar scrub so it's quite gentle on the skin but I still found it very effective at exfoliating my dry bits. My skin felt very smooth and moisturised afterwards.

Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion - £5 | This body lotion is a lovely consistency and has little pink beads in, so although it's white in colour, when the beads pop it adds a little bit of pinkiness. It's not noticeable when applied though as it fades when rubbed in. My skin did feel lovely and smooth for most of the day and felt soft to touch.

Fresh Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer - £5 | The bath fizzers come in 4 reasonable sized blocks with a bow and the letter Z on. I break one off and drop it into my bath. It fizzes away and leaves the water looking a milky colour. I would say the scent lasts the majority of the bath time and leaves the bathroom smelling very nice.

Overall, I do like this range and they are all lovely products. But if I'm being completely honest, I'm not a huge fan of the scent. Although I like fruity sweet scents, I find this quite artificial and 'cheap' smelling.
Do I think you should rush out and purchase them? If you are a young teenager and have a bit of pocket money to spend, then yes. Personally I don't think I will be repurchasing these any time soon just because I've got other products I'm currently using which are just as good and I like that little bit more.

What are your thoughts on the Zoella Beauty range?

Emily x 

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Happiness Tag

The lovely Steph from LovedBySteph has created her own tag called 'The Happiness Tag' over on her Youtube channel. She has tagged me to do it so here are my answers as I think one of the most important things in life is to smile and be happy :).

1. What food makes you happy?
It would have to be my mums roast dinners, they definitely make me very happy. It's only Thursday but already I can't wait for the weekend just to have it!

2. What movie makes you happy?
I haven't got a specific movie but I love anything Disney related. They can instantly make me feel good! I also love cheesy and chick flick movies; Mean Girls, Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect.

3. What song makes you happy?
Lots of songs make me happy but I always stick old school 90's/00's songs, songs I used to listen to when growing up and having a good dance too.

4. What item of clothing makes you happy?
This may seem like an odd one but pyjamas make me happy. They always make me feel warm and cosy in the winter and chilled out in the summer. There's nothing more I love than coming in from work or a long day and throwing on a pair of pyjamas to relax in!

5. What's you happiest memory?
One of my happiest memories is when I finally got to do fulfil my dream of swimming with dolphins in Cuba back in 2013.
Another happy memory was booking Disney World Florida last year for September this year! This again, has been somewhere I have wanted to visit ever since I was little and I couldn't believe we booked it. Oh and of course, ask me at the end of September what my happiest memory is and I'm pretty sure I will say going to Disney!!

6. What beauty product makes you happy?
These would be products that instantly make me feel good when I have applied them for example; Benefit Coralista blush goes really well with my skin tone and instantly makes me feel good. Along with V&R Flowerbomb perfume! It smells divine and has great memories attached to it which males me feel very happy!

7. What do you do to make yourself feel happier when your down?
When I'm feeling down, I always run myself a nice hot bubble bath and have a bit of a pamper session. Face mask, hair mask, candles, glass of wine, paint my nails...the works!

8. List 3 random things that make you happy...

Colouring - I received a grown up colouring book for Christmas and I love nothing more than sitting down with a fresh new pack of pens/pencils and just trying out all the new colours and getting creative. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing.

Sunshine - When I wake up and see the sun shining it instantly makes me feel very happy.

Clean, fresh bed sheets - I love getting into bed after a lovely bath/shower with freshly shaved legs, then jumping into a bed with clean fresh bed sheets....heaven!

I tag you all to do this tag! Make sure you use the hashtag #thehappinesstag so we can spread the happiness!

Emily x 

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Lottie London Nail Varnishes | As If And Day Dreamer

Nail Varnishes - £5.99 | Mini Nail Files - £3.49

Today I have the final post about what I received in my Lottie London prizes, better late than never hey!(You can see the other posts herehere and here). This post is going to be about the two nail varnishes and mini nail files.

I received the nail varnishes in the shades As If and Day Dreamer. As If is a lovely bright blue and the name just reminds me of Clueless!
I'm not normally a fan of yellow nail varnishes but Day Dreamer is a lovely creamy pastel yellow which looks really nice on the nails, especially if you have a tan too!
The swatches above are of two coats of the varnish which is all they need when applied to the nails. Each nail varnish lasted approximately 4-5 days before they started to chip.
The mini nail files are the perfect size to keep in your handbag or for on the go. They are just like your standard nail files and are nice and bright.

Have you tired Lottie London Nail Varnishes?

Emily x 

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Dr PawPaw Original Balm

I have seen this balm pop up left, right and centre recently as everyone seems to be obsessed with it. I've heard only good reviews about it. So when I was sent my own tube to try out, I was very excited.
Dr PawPaw Original Balm comes in a brightly yellow tube with black writing. It definitely stands out.

Meet DR Paw Paw, the original balm you can’t live without! Our paw paw lip balm is made in the UK from a variety of natural ingredients including paw paw, which, blended together, create a multi-purpose formula for you to carry around at all times thanks to the handy 25ml tube.

Our main ingredient is fermented Pawpaw, the fruit of the plant Carica Papaya. The Pawpaw has been found to have natural healing qualities and is believed by many to be the finest natural medicine yet discovered.

When I first tried to squeeze this product out of the tube, it was very hard as the consistency is quite thick. But once applied, my lips instantly felt really smooth. I really like applying this before I go to bed as I feel it's quite a nice intense treatment. It's also a great base to use before applying lipstick.
This balm is also classed as a multi purpose product. The main purpose is for it to be used on your lips but it can also be used on your cuticles, nails, hair and even on sunburn too! I tried it on my cuticles and even my dry patches on my elbows and can say that I noticed such a difference.

Overall, I am really impressed with this balm and it has become a staple in my makeup bag. It also comes in two tinted versions; Peach Pink and Ultimate Red, which I really like the look of.

Dr PawPaw Original Balm - £6.95*

Have you tired this balm before?

Emily x 

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

My Summer Playlist

There's nothing more I love than finding that summer tune! The one where you listen to it and it instantly makes you think of Summer. Today I thought I would share with you some of the songs I am currently listening to and loving in the sunshine!

1. Back It Up - Prince Royce ft. Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull
10. Worth It - Fifth Harmony

Album I am loving - Taylor Swift 1989

What's on your Summer playlist?

Emily x 

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

May/June Favourites

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser | I get so much joy out of using this product. It's so simple but very effective. All you have to do is spray the moistuister onto your body, give it a quick rub in and you are good to go. I like it because, unlike other moisturisers, you don't have to wait around for it to dry plus it smells delicious too.

So...? Rio Perfume | I found myself reaching for this perfume quite a bit in June. This is such a lovely summery scent, perfect for this gorgeous weather we are currently having. It is bursting with fruity goodness with a lovely hint of vanilla. I have a full review of it here.

Bourjois Bronzing Powder | Who doesn't love looking like a bronzed goddess in the Summer? I know I do! This is such a lovely bronzer to use all over the face for a lovely subtle bronzed look. It's not too dark, which is great as you won't end up looking 'muddy'.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + | I was very kindly given this by the ever so lovely Kate from, sugarfixxbeauty, along with La Roche Posay. I have been using this morning and evening before moisturising and I can say that I have noticed a slight difference in my skin. My acne scarring is slowly fading and my skin looks all the better for it.

Halo Hand Wipes | So the month of June saw me start my new job. I am now working as a private nanny and I am loving it! These wipes have been perfect to keep in my handbag and use on the go, especially when it comes to looking after two children!

Nars Deep Throat Blush | I will never get over the names of the Nars blushers, like seriously? The name aside, it's a lovely rosy pink shade that looks really nice on the apples of the cheeks. It has small flecks of gold glitter in with gives it a nice little shimmer.

What are your favourites for June?

Emily x 

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