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Friday, 16 January 2015

Dodger's Diary | The Day I Learnt To Swim

Mum, dad and princess (yes thats what I call Emily), took me to a new place for walkies. I had a half an hour drive in the car which was very strange. I kept slipping and sliding in the back, I couldn't get comfy. But luckily mum was there supplying me with biscuits which made the journey easier.

Now I don't usually play with birds but when this little chirpy fella kept calling and I thought Hey! Why not? Anyone who knows me knows I like to run but not realising I was running down hill, I reached the waters edge and before I could say 'splash', I was up to my nose in cold salty water - I didn't expect that!
Wahey! This was fun! Now you'd think mum, dad and the princess would be proud of my new achievement but no, not this time. It was the noise you see, all the shouting - OUCH! My poor ears. "Dodger, Dodger come back!" said one, "OMG" said another (have my suspicions this was the princess) but mum, she surprised me the most, for someone who always has a camera to hand you would think there would be at least one piccy of me dogging paddling for the family album but no all she did was throw biscuits at me! Tut!

Well it was fun at the time, who knows where the bird went, probably mums biscuit throwing put it off but it's amazing how much water can be shared by having a good shake. Good job it started to rain too as that helped to get rid of the salty water.

Love Dodger x 

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  1. this post! Dodger you are so adorable! :D


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