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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Acrylic Storage From Poundland

When I first started blogging, the most popular way to store your makeup was in the Muji acrylic storage units. If I'm honest, I wasn't too keen on that idea and wanted my makeup to be 'hidden', so that's when I bought the Hermes dressing table and nine drawer set from Ikea.
But now, after looking at many Instagram posts, reading blog posts about how bloggers store their makeup, I kind of like the look of the makeup being on show. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to display it all as that would just be impossible but I think it would look cute to display my most worn/everyday products.

Unfortunately I don't have a Muji store close to me and I know you can order online but I am one of these types of people that likes to see something in person before buying.
So when I was browsing Poundland this morning, my heart skipped a beat when I spotted these acrylic organisers. They had one for makeup and one for nail varnishes. I decided to pick up two of each.
Above I have shown you a couple of ways/ideas on how I'm planning to use them and think these will be perfect to display my everyday products and fave lippies.

So for a mere total of £4, I have some new ways to store my makeup. I will definitely be keeping an eye out to see if they bring out any more in the range! Also after buying these today, I am kind of tempted to do my first ever makeup/collection storage post if anyone would be interested? If yes, please leave a comment below.

How do you store your makeup? Do you use acrylic drawers?

Emily x 

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  1. Your storage looks lovely! I will definitely have to pick some up! x

  2. What bargains - they look more expensive than £1 each. They're perfect for storing makeup, I need to see if my local Poundshop is selling them

  3. These are fab, thank you for sharing! I'll be on the look out for these next time I'm out, I'm in desperate need of some nail varnish storage.
    sammy xx

  4. These look great! Loving the mac lipsticks <3 x

  5. These are such bargains and I'm so glad that you have spotted them and let me know~
    I will soon go to poundland to see if there are any available as I want more storage for my nail polishes which are currently in a massive jumble.

    Hope you have a lovely day ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  6. OH EM GEEEEE!! I'm literally running to Poundland tomorrow for some of these. I'm the same as you, I don't have a Muji near me and need to see them before buying! Great post lovely, thanks for the heads up! Really hope my Poundland has them!

    Kate | kateemmaloves.

  7. What an absolute bargain these were. I love the lipstick holder so will definitely be having a look in Poundland soon x

    Beauty with charm

  8. Im gonna have to keep my eye out for these!! Xx


  9. It was only a matter of time until one of the pound stores were going to bring them out! The Muji ones were so expensive!
    I seriously need to pick some up - they are such a bargain!

    Rachael at

  10. Erm what?! I need to head to Poundland asap! These look great to store your everyday makeup in :)! Xx

  11. Those are amazing! I will definitely be heading to the poundland in my town soon, just hope that they stock them! I love a bargain. :-) Thank you!

  12. I like the storage.


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