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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Review | Lush Butterbear Bath Bomb

What They Say | "Cocoa butter creates a creamy soft bath that is great for nourishing and protecting your skin, with the same vanilla-like fragrance as Butterball bath bomb. Moulded into a friendly and sweet-smelling bear, this is sure to be a winner with little and big kids alike!"
What I Say | As soon as I got this lil fella out of the bag, I could smell the sweet vanilla scent.
When popped in the bath, it fizzed away and the room instantly filled with an amazing aroma of vanilla and cocoa butter.
It didn't colour the water but what it did do was it made it super soft. I guess it was because of the little brown bits which are small bits of cocoa butter!
I also found that soaking in this lovely bath, it made shaving my legs so much easier. The razor glided over my legs with ease and my legs were left feeling so smooth!
I'm definitely planning on buying another one or two of these as I think it is so nice and it's so affordable too.
Where To Buy | Lush
Price | £1.95
Rating | 10/10

Have you tried Butterbear?

Emily x 

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  1. That is such a cute bath bomb and it is seriously making me wish I had a bath in my flat! I've been craving one recently especially with everyone posting about all the christmas luck products! I'll be making the most of being my parents' for christmas and stocking up on lush bath bombs for while I'm there!

  2. I didn't put this on the wish list because I thought it looked a bit boring in comparison to all the spectacular explosions of colour that tend to happy with a fizzer but the silky smooth water completely sells me and your review makes me want to give it a go x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  3. Looks wonderful! I love bath bombs but don't have a bathtub at the moment! xx

  4. Such a great product, definitely going to get one for myself too! Love bath bombs <3

  5. świetny blog ♥
    jestem u Ciebie chyba po raz pierwszy ale na pewno nie ostatni ! :*
    w wolnej chwili zapraszam do mnie ;)

  6. I neeeed to pick this little guy up! Can only imagine how soft it makes your skin after!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  7. Awww this looks so cute! :) x


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