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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Halloween 2014 | Sugar Skull Makeup And Costume

Today I want to share with you what I dressed up for Halloween. I really struggled this year as what to go as, but eventually I decided on a Sugar Skull.
After looking at many pictures of Sugar Skulls and watching tutorials, I came up with this. I'm really impressed with how it turned out and got many compliments on the finished look.
My costume consisted of this 'onesie' from ebay, which I was a bit unsure of when it arrived as it's a bit figure hugging, shall we say but I tried to rock it anyways.
Onto the makeup. I used a white face paint and painted my whole face. I used black eyeshadow/eyeliner to draw and fill in a circle around my eyes. I then made them into flowers and coloured each petal pink and stuck on individual sequins onto each petal.
I then drew some extra detail with black eyeliner; the web on the forehead, swirls around the lips, a glittery flower on my chin and teeth lines.

For accessories I added a flower crown, gold cross earrings and a gold necklace. And for the nails, I already had some false nails which I just painted white and then cut out the water decals from ebay and stuck them on.
I curled my hair using heated rollers and backed combed it to give it lots of volume.
After my mum took these photos, I touched up on the black areas (especially around the eyes as I had a weird black unblended line) to make them darker and made the outline details darker.
Considering I owned everything apart from the onesie and nail transfers, it was a cheap yet effective costume and I loved it. What do you guys think?

What did you dress up for Halloween?

Emily x 

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  1. Wow, you look amazing! Love the colour combinations! xx

  2. You look amazing, I love your nails especially! Lucy | LucyyWrites


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