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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Em's Tips | My Top 10 Beauty Tips & Tricks

Hey Beauts! I've wanted to start a blog series on EmilyGrace for a while now and have decided that I'm going to post my own tips and tricks on different topics. I'm going to title them - Em's Tips. I'll be posting tips from how to grow your hair to getting over bloggers block.
Please remember, I'm not an expert but these are just the little things I've picked up along the way, whether in blogging or just general day to day life.
To start of my Em's Tips series, today I'm going to share with you my beauty tips and tricks.

Leave your spots alone
I know it's very tempting to pick those spots but honestly, the best thing to do is to leave it alone. Apply some toothpaste before you go to bed and in the morning it will have reduced in size and would have dried out. If you have acne scarring, apply Sudacream as this helps to fade those red marks.

No shaving foam/cream?
Want to shave your legs but have run out of shaving foam! Just grab your conditioner and use it on your legs instead. The smoothness of the conditioner will help the razor glide over your legs, leaving them silky smooth and hair free.

Run out of dry shampoo?
Grab some baby/talcum powder and apply a little at a time to your hair, just like you would your dry shampoo. Rub into the roots and you're hair is good to go.

Wavy hair without heat
Wash your hair like you normally would and when it's slightly damp, plait it. Head to bed and in the morning you will wake up with beautiful soft waves. The more plaits you do, the wavier it will be.

Waiting for your nail varnish to dry?
Run your nails under cold water for at least a minute and then gentle pat dry with a towel. You'll be left with nice dry shiny nails.

Remember eyebrows are sisters, not twins!

Take off your makeup!
Always remove your makeup before you go to bed. I know it's easier said than done but honestly, your skin will thank you for it. No matter how tired (or drunk ha!) I am, I always take my makeup off. Even if you don't do your full nightime routine, using a makeup wipe is better than nothing.

Don't pump your mascara
You should never pump your mascara (moving it up and down in the tube quickly) because it will only allow air in the tube causing it to dry out. Instead, twist the mascara wand in the tube to get the product.

Run out of nail varnish remover? 
You can remove cracked or chipped nail polish by applying a clear top coat to the nail and removing it promptly with a cotton ball.

It's the most beautiful asset you have. Wear it every day! :)

I hope you'll like these types of posts. If you have any topics you'd like tips on leave them in comment section below and I'll try and help :)

What are your beauty tips?

Emily x 

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image taken from weheartit, edited by me


  1. great tips :) never knew that about mascara but so glad i do now! xx

  2. Good tips! I'm going to try the baby powder one! x


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