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Friday, 19 September 2014

TAG | The So...? Fragrance Tag

1. How many perfumes/body sprays etc do you own? I think I currently own 5 perfumes and two body sprays,

2. What smell brings back the happiest memories to mind? I would have to say Britney Spears - Fantasy as I wore it a lot when I was in high school/college and I have a lot of great memories of those times.
Also, I tend to a buy a new perfume at Duty Free before I go on holiday as I love it when I smell that certain perfume, it always reminds me of that holiday. Always happy memories!

3. You are only allowed to own two perfumes -one luxury fragrance and one So...? scent; which would you choose, and why? My luxury would be V&R Flowerbomb which smells amazing. The perfect girlie scent with a sophisticated side to it.
The So...? scent of choice would be So...? Kiss Me purely for nostalgic reasons and of course it smells lovely!

4. What smell do you love on a guy? I love typical manly scents. My favourite scent of which my boyfriend owns is V&R Spicebomb...yum!

5. Wearing the same fragrance as your friends, yay or nay? When I was younger it didn't seem to bother me if my friends had the same fragrance but now I'm older I like to be different.

6. What food smell would you happily wear as a perfume? Obvious scents for me would be something like strawberries and melon as I love fruity scents but I also wouldn't mind smelling like freshly made bread. Imagine that...haha!

7. If you had to wear just one type of fragrance for the rest of your life, would you prefer to smell sweet or musky? I would definitely prefer to smell sweet!

8. If you could create a So...? fragrance what would you call it and what notes would you include? It would be called something like So...? Juicy and it would include lots of fruity scents like strawberries and melon but with hints of blackcurrant and vanilla to give the perfume a bit of warmth, so it would be ideal for day or night.

9. Your friend borrows your perfume and returns it pretty much empty. Do you a) Just pretend you haven't noticed b) Ask them to repurchase it or c) Secretly do the same to something of theirs? It depends really, if it was a cheap perfume I don't think I would be bothered. But if it was one of my more expensive fragrances I think I would have to say something.

10. You’re on the bus and someone next to you sprays a scent that you really hate. Do you a) Make it really obvious by having a fake coughing fit b) Move as far away as possible c)Spray some of your own? Haha love this question...erm knowing how sensitive my nose is I would say a) but I wouldn't have to fake a coughing fit I would be having a sneezing fit.

I tag you all to do this tag in collaboration with So...? as I would love to know which fragrances you own.

Emily x 

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