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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Pink Parcel | A Monthly Subscription Box For That Time Of The Month?!

Last month I discovered a new monthly subscription box which is designed for 'ladies time' 'shark week' 'riding the crimson wave' whatever you like to call it.
I think I can safely say no-one looks forward to their period but after you've read this post, there may be a small part of you that is slightly looking forward to your monthly.
Pink Parcel is a subscription service for your monthly cycle. They send you what you need, right when you need it along with a few goodies to indulge in.
The website was easy to navigate and the subscription process was very easy and simple.
I love the pink and grey packaging as these are my favourite two colours together (hence my blog theme).
It all came very discretely packaged, so there's no embarrassment when the postman delivers it.
They ask if you know your cycle dates as this helps them know to when to deliver your box, just in time for your period. (If you don't, don't worry as they will just send the box out to you anyway). You then choose your brand of tampons along with the absorbency you would prefer.
They currently supply a small selection of branded tampons but will be supplying more brands and sanitary towels in the near future.
In the cute little black velvet bag which says 'for now' you get a handful of tampons to keep in your handbag and are ready to use.
You then get two boxes with 10 tampons in each which are 'for later' and these are your supply of tampons.
And then the best part, you get 5 amazing products which are in a box labelled 'for you'.
This is the most exciting part - the goodies to help make any period that bit more comforting.

Garnier Smoothing Perfecting Primer | I have a slight obsession with primers at the moment, so was very excited when I saw this in my box. It is such a lovely primer and made my skin feel really smooth.
Witch Anti-Blemish Redness Relief Moisturiser | I use to use Witch products in my teenage years and never thought of purchasing them. So when I saw this in my box, I was excited to try it.
Doisy & Dam Maca, Vanilla & Cacao Nibs Dark Chocolate | I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of dark chocolate but this was actually quite tasty.
Teapigs Super Fruit Tea | I'm a big fan of tea and have just started to try fruity tea. This ones smells really nice and hopefully I'll like it.
Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Black Mascara | I was surprised when I saw that I had an Elizabeth Arden mascara in my box. This product alone made my feel really happy. Can't wait to try it out.
Cafe Rouge Free Glass Of Bubbly | This is to be redeemed at Cafe Rouge when you purchase a meal! I'll be keeping this in my purse for sure!

I think I can safely say this is the perfect box for all us girlies when our ladies time arrives. I'm very impressed with the concept, the service and the products I received.

Pink Parcel is £5.95. After that, each parcel is £9.95.

Emily x 

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  1. Loving this type of box. It's definitely different from the others! Us girls need that extra bit of pampering during this time! x

  2. ive been soooo intrigued by this after seeing it promoted on Facebook! Might have to look into subscribing - seems like a fab idea and the price point is good too. Love the fact you got an Elizabeth Arden product in there too! x

  3. That's such a good price! Never heard of this before so might take a wee nosey! I love that Garnier primer by the way-one of my favourites! x


  4. love the concept of this box. who doesn't love to get a little something special for that time of the month. WE NEED IT!!! lol

    The Brown Eyed Fox


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