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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Garnier Ultimate Blends | Shampoo, Conditioner & The Sleek Restorer For Dry Frizzy Hair

Don't you find you always run out of the shampoo wayyy before the conditioner?! This always happens to me.
Anyways, I was in need of a new shampoo and conditioner and noticed Garnier's new range, Ultimate Blends. They have shampoos and conditioners to suit all hair types, from very dry/damaged hair to coloured hair to normal hair.
When choosing hair products, I always pick the ones that will suit my hair type as it's always changing. Sometimes I need something to brighten my hair and sometimes I need a product to help with the condition of it. I like to change it up (as well as the brand) as I have heard your hair can get use to a product if used over and over again and won't work as well as it should!
This time round, I needed something to get rid of the frizz! I decided to pick up the Shampoo, Conditioner and the 1 Minute Treatment from their Sleek Restorer range. There was also an Oil but I didn't end up picking it up, but after trying these out I think I may just get it.

The products themselves are amazing. Not only do they smell good enough to eat, they also do their job. The shampoo lathers up into a really nice lather and leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean. The conditioner is lovely and thick and works really well at conditioning my hair. But the product that I love the most is the 1 Minute Treatment. I apply it to the ends of my hair and work my way up. I avoid the scalp/roots and just concentrate on the ends. Like the product suggests, I leave it on for a minute and then I rinse.
I use the 1 Minute Treatment once a week and have noticed a difference in the condition of my hair. My hair looks and feels in much better condition and has never been as shiny!
Overall, I am really impressed with these three products and suggest you take a look at Garniers new range when you're looking for your next shampoo!

Have you tired Garniers Ultimate Blends range?

Emily x 



  1. I'm in need of a new shampoo & conditioner! I think I may take a look at these next time i'm in boots. The range for coloured hair sounds good to me :) xx

  2. Thanks for posting this! I'm always so late on new products but this one looks so great, I'll be sure to try it out!

    Every Day In Grace

  3. Thanks for posting about this, I really want to try this shampoo out too, it just so happens I've ran out, I feel a trip to boots happening tomorrow.

    x x x

    Confessions Of A Small Town Girl


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