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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Metcalfe Skinny Topcorn | #TopcornTribe

I think it's safe to say, I currently have a slight obsession with Sweet and Salty popcorn. I went crazy on buying the bags from Tesco's own range for something silly like £1 a bag and having a bag at least once a week, whoops! But when browsing the popcorn aisle one day, I noticed the brand Metcalfe and their range of Skinny TopCorns. What instantly drew me to them was that the Sweet and Salty popcorn was only 115 calories per bag. I decided to pick up and bag and give it a try. It was love at first crunch.

I don't know about you, but when I find something new I love, I end up following all of their social media sites and platforms. It was when I was browsing their Instagram page, I noticed the hashtag #TopcornTribe. I was intrigued, so I gave it a click. Wow, people were getting sent boxes of the different popcorns from Metcalfe and being asked to review them. I wanted to know more and how I could be a part of this amazing collaboration.

I went onto their Facebook page and saw that you could apply to be part of their #TopcornTribe, I was very excited. Every week, they chose one lucky person to join their exclusive tribe. After applying for a good couple of months, I was lucky enough to be chosen a couple of weeks ago and I actually let out a little squeal with excitement.
I received my box full of 6 different popcorns to try. Inside was 2 x Sweet and Salty, 2 x White Cheese and 1 x Sweet Cinnamon Spice and 1 x Sargent Salt.

Of course I was very happy with the Sweet and Salty bags as I have tried them before. They have the right amount of sweetness and saltiness, just perfect. I took some to work with me in a little tupperware pot and it was great to have as a mid morning snack.
The next one I tried was the Sweet Cinnamon Spice. This had such a lovely flavour to it. I love anything Cinnamon and I certainly munched through this bag pretty quickly.
I shared the Sargent Salt popcorn with my mum and she absolutely loved it. She said it wasn't too salty or too husky. Those little annoying pieces that get stuck in your teeth were nowhere to be seen!
The last one I tried is part of their newest topcorn, White Cheese. Now I am still undecided on this flavour. It's hard to described, it's sort of a salty cheese flavour. Unfortunately not one of my favourites. I am definitely a sweet kind of popcorn person.

If you would like to be considered to be part of the #TopcornTribe, you can apply here.

Have you tried Metcalfe Skinny Topcorn before?

Emily x 



  1. Lovely post! I have tried applying in the past but as of now still no luck :( I have heard so much about this brand and i know many bloggers love it too. I am quite intrigued by the cheese flavour, would be an interesting one to sample.

    zara xx

  2. Oh my! This is my idea of heaven, love the Metcalfe's popcorn! So many tasty flavours! Sargent Salt is my favourite.

    Lucky you for being chosen to join the tribe!

  3. I LOVE Popcorn so this is my idea of heaven! I have entered, thank you for the heads up xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I love this popcorn too! Thought I was the only one, so glad to see some other people out in the world who have this obsession with Sweet and salty popcorn! at 115 calories you just can't say no! Like you said, great for a mid morning/afternoon snack! Brilliant, I love this stuff! So glad you enjoy it too! Thanks for the heads up on the #TopcornTribe I am definitely going to be applying! Thanks! :D xxx

  5. i'm still yet to try a bag of these!

    from helen at

    ps. there's a little Dahlia trench coat giveaway worth £80 on my blog right now, click here!

  6. I love popcorn, gonna have to keep an eye out for this! x


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