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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fairypants Vegan Nail Varnish In Rose*

Hello readers, long time no blog! Well, it's only been a week but it feels much longer. Today I have an exciting review of a vegan nail varnish from the company FairyPants. Fairypants is an online company that sell clothing, jewellery, hair accessories and Vegan make up. They are about to release their new vegan nail varnishes and I was kindly sent one to review.
What They Say - "Here's the science behind what makes our Nail Varnish Vegan.
The first issue is whether the varnish is Cruelty Free. By describing cosmetics as Vegan, we sort of cover the cruelty free angle too - because we test on you guys (and ourselves!) our products are completely cruelty free. We ensure that all our ingredients adhere to our standards too.
The next is the ingredients themselves - we stick to a 'nothing nasty' rule, and as such, our polishes will be what is known as '5 free'. This means there are 5 really nasty chemical ingredients (such as formaldehyde) that are in most nail polishes, that WON'T be in ours.
Lastly, there are some polishes that contain animal ingredients - some red colourings are made from crushed beetles, and some 'shimmery' polishes contain fish scales to get that shimmery effect. Not so appealing now, are they!"
I was sent a nail varnish in the shade Rose. Rose is such a nice light pink shade with tiny black speckles. It kind of reminds me of a Cadburys Mini Egg, perfect for Easter! The nail varnish glides on like a dream and only needed two coats. It dries nice and quick which is always a plus in my eyes as there's nothing more tedious than waiting for my nails to dry! When dry, the nail varnish has a slight sheen to it, almost pearlescent which looks really pretty. 
Overall, I'm really impressed with this nail varnish and if you're looking for a vegan friendly and cruelty free brand, I would definitely suggest you check out Fairypants.

Fairypants Vegan Nail Varnishes will retail at £3.99 and are available to buy online soon. Keep an eye on their media platforms for a release date.
I have also been given a unique code for my readers - enter 2014 at the checkout to receive 20% off your orders.

Emily x

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*PR sample

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  1. Such a lovely colour! I like the black speckles in the polish, it gives a really nice effect!


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