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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Instagram - #8

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Instagram - egtx3

 I treated myself to a new perfume - Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb after Christmas. I have heard many reviews about this perfume and as I had a voucher to spend, I decided to pick it up. You can read my thoughts on it here.
At the beginning of the year I bought a book by Katie Piper called Start Your Day With Katie. It's a page a day book with powerful inspirational thoughts, plus quotes and mantras for each day of the year. I really enjoy reading this book every morning when I wake up as I feel it gives my day a positive start.
Look at this two cuties fast asleep after a long walk. Dodger jumped on top of Aragorn and decided to stay there and fall asleep.
I reached 800 followers on Twitter! I was excited to see the Twitter follower count turn over to my next milestone, people must enjoy tweets ;). You can find my Twitter account here.
I'm obsessed with drinking smoothies at the moment, especially Innocent smoothies. I'm on a bit of a health kick and find these keep me full and are full of goodness.
This picture was taken of Millie on Sunday. She has definitely had that Sunday feeling, not wanting to move from her cosy spot on the edge of the chair.
It was my boyfriends mums birthday at the end of January and she is a huge pug lover. So when I saw these pug socks in Primark, they reminded me of her pug, Ralph. I just had to pick them up for her and a pack for myself. I think this photo is one of my most liked on Instagram!

Millie is obsessed with phones, especially when she can see herself on the camera when you turn it round. So this picture is technically a Millie Selfie!
The last three pictures are from Valentines Day. I didn't know what Liam had planned for us, all I knew was that we were going out for a meal. I had a little incline that we were meeting up with our besties for a double date, as I had 'overheard' a phone call! In the evening we got a taxi to one of our favourite bars on the Quay Side. We had a few drinks and that's when our besties turned up, which was a lovely surprise! After our drinks, the boys suggested we walked to another bar but us girls being girls were complaining because it was very windy and raining! When walking outside my friend said "Cor someones lucky, they've got a limousine" and that's when the boys replied "Happy Valentines Day girls". We both were in shock and couldn't believe it. In we jumped and off we went cruising around our local town. It was amazing! Inside we had a rose each, a box of chocolates and a huge bottle of champers!
After plenty of photos had been taken, chocolates had been munched and the Champagne had been drunk, we stopped off outside Frankie & Bennys - one of my favourite places to eat! We had an amazing meal and I was buzzing throughout the whole evening. It was such a lovely Valentines and I'm such a lucky girl to have 3 amazing besties with one of them being my boyfriend! :)

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Emily x

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  1. Aw cute little kitty and I have those socks x

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely valentines day! xx

  3. I'm liking the sound of the Katie Piper book.


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