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Monday, 21 October 2013

Real Techniques | Miracle Complexion Sponge

Makeup sponges have been popping up left, right and center recently in the blogging world with the Beauty Blender being the most popular. I'm yet to own a Beauty Blender, so when I heard that Real Techniques were releasing their own makeup sponge, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I am a big lover of RT brushes and in particular I currently use the buffing brush for my foundation but when Boots had their BOGOHP offer on makeup and accessories I thought this was the perfect time to pick it up.
What They Say - "Real Techniques by Sam Chapman introduces its new innovative Miracle Complexion Sponge. The Miracle Complexion Sponge will give you the pixel perfect, flawless base you have always dreamed of. The sponge is completely unique, featuring 3 distinct surfaces that give you 3 ways to apply liquid foundation.
Its versatile design evenly blends makeup for a smooth, enhanced finish, use with your favourite foundation to help reduce the appearance of pores"
The RT Miracle Complexion Sponge looks different from any other beauty blender I have seen before. The best way to describe it is it's an egg shape with a section chiseled out of it. This is so it can be used on all facial features and helps with the application of the foundation. The rounded sides help with the blending on the larger areas with a repeated "dabbing" or "stippling" motion. The precision tip is to help cover blemishes and imperfections and the flat edge is for the contours around the eyes and nose.

So how do I use it?
I pump the desired amount of foundation on my fingers and dot it all over my face. I heard that for a better application you dampen the sponge. I tried this a couple of times but I found it actually watered down my foundation a little bit and I really didn't like the finish. So I decided to keep the sponge dry and I definitely preferred it. As I apply the foundation to my face first, the sponge didn't soak it up and none was wasted as I had the desired amount all ready on my skin.
I tend to start on my forehead and work my way down. If there are any areas that may need extra coverage, I'll just apply a little more foundation. I also use this sponge to apply my concealer using the pointed end.
The sponge is lovely and squidgy, very soft and feels lovely on the skin.
I find myself picking this up a lot more than the RT buffing brush. My only gripe is that it stains very easily.

You can buy the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge from Boots for £5.99.

Do you own the Miracle Complexion Sponge?

Emily x


  1. Saw this recently in Boots but think I'll just have to try it! :)


  2. I've been eyeing this up, still don't know whether I'll get it or not though! Great post!

    Leanne xx

  3. Really want to try this, heard so many good things about it but I don't know if I could switch so easily from a brush to sponge!

    Girlintheblackhat xx

  4. thank you for tweeting me you link, lovely blog :) never tried any kind of "beauty blender" but I love the real techniques brushes so this looks promising! | UK Beauty Blog



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