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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hask Haircare*

A good month ago I was greeted by the postman, holding a big cardboard box addressed to me. There was a nice big stamp on it, stating it had come all the way from New York. I couldn't think of what it was but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it. It was a box of Hask haircare goodies*.
The package came wrapped in bubble wrap and brown paper. Inside was a bright pink shower container which I thought was a lovely way to present the goodies and inside that, was all the haircare products. I received two shampoos, two conditioners, two hair oils, two hair treatment masks and two hairbands.
I didn't know Hask had other products in their collection, all I knew about was the Hask Argan Oil which I purchased from Primark of all places. I loved the Argan Oil and was very intrigued to try the other products. They sent me two different types - Keratin Protein and Argan Oil. The shampoo's and conditioner's are new in the Hask range.

Keratin Protein

Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner | These shampoos and conditioners left my hair feeling amazing. Keratin is an amazing ingredient that helps restore, smooth and gives you gorgeous looking locks.
Smoothing Shine Oil | I use this shine oil when my hair is damp. I run it through the ends of my hair first and avoiding the scalp, I run the rest down my hair.
Smoothing Deep Conditioner | This product really helped smooth any unwanted fly-aways and smoothed down those icky split ends.

Argan Oil

Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner | Using these products together made my hair feel very soft and super shiny. I noticed that my hair was easier to manage and style when dry.
Healing Shine Hair Treatment | I have already gone through two of these as this is the product you can buy in Primark. Like the Smoothing Shine Oil, I apply this to my hair when wet and when my hair has dried, it's super shiny.
Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment | My hair was feeling dry and damaged, so this hair treatment arrived at the right time. I found this really did make a difference in the condition and appearance of my hair.

I also love the two little hair bands that they also sent. These are the type of hair bands that are kind on your hair and don't leave any unwanted dents when you take it down.
Overall, I really enjoyed testing out the products Hask sent me. I felt they all made a difference to my hair in their individual ways.

Have your tried any Hask haircare products before?

Emily x

*PR Sample


  1. Ooh I didn't know hask did all these products! I also only knew about the tiny hair oils you can get in Primark, I love those so maybe i'll give these products a whirl. The keratin range looks good, my hair is fly-away central! xx

  2. That was nice of them! I didn't know they had all these products either,they look great. I'll have to try the keratin range, my hair is so fine that it flies everywhere....All the time! & May as well try the argan oil too, my hair could do with a boost. x

    Leanne | |

  3. I'ved never heard of Hask before! All those products around wonderful!

  4. Keratin is an extremely strong protein which is a major component in skin, hair, teeth and nails. It restores damaged hair and adds volume to the hair.

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