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Thursday, 17 October 2013

A Few New Things From Primark

Considering I only popped into Primark for a pair of work shoes (which I have just realised I haven't photographed) I came away with a few more items then planned. 
I saw plenty of things I could of picked up but my bank balance wouldn't let me, roll on payday I say. Anyways here's what I bought.
Cardigan - £10 | I love thick woolly jumpers and this one is perfect for throwing on when you need that extra bit of warmth. It's a slouchy cardigan with buttons up the front and will layer well with anything.

Blue Skater Dress - £5 | This dress is gorgeous and was such a bargain! It was originally priced at £13 but it was marked down to only a five. I couldn't past it by.

Leggings - £6 | I'm currently trying to steer away from jeans and wear more tights and leggings. I really like these as they are thicker than normal leggings and can be worn as trousers where you don't have to worry about covering your bum., unlike normal leggings.

Necklace - £4 | I'm a sucker for statement necklaces and always find myself leaving Primark with at least one in my bag. This is a gorgeous statement piece and think it will look great for the festive season.

Midi Rings - £1.50 | I have liked the look of midi rings for a while now but I wasn't willing to pay £6 for just one (Topshop I'm looking at you!) So when I saw this set of three for only £1.50, I put them straight in my basket.

Emily x


  1. I'm Loving the dress~ The little leather sleeves just makes the dress so much more edgy. Primark definitely has such great stuff in there at the moment. I just cannot resist some of their Autumn collection~

    Thanks for sharing, Just discovered your lovely blog <3
    Have a lovely evening ^^

    *- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

  2. Hello gorgeous chunky necklace! Another trip to Primark may be in order.. I also bought those leggings the other day, perfect for the bum covering situation haha! x

  3. I bought that ring set! They are such a bargain find! Must head to primark to grab a few new bits!

  4. Ooh love everything you got! Really want to get myself some midi rings, will have to check out Primark more often - love a lot of their opia stuff xx
    Pretty Wonderful

  5. Love that cardigan so much, I really need to pop to Primark- I haven't been in ages! great post :)

  6. I love the dress! Never seen it in my primark though. Also need to pick up a pair of them leggings if i ever see them! Trying to not wear jeans as much too. xx

  7. Love the blue dress, very nice! It's so tempting to go in Primark and although it is a cheaper store, by the time you've got whatever in your basket the price soon goes up ha ha. I could do with a few winter bits though to be honest, so may have to go have a look soon! :). Hope you're ok lovely?!

    Gem xx

  8. Wow that dress is so cute and those pants look awesome!

  9. The dress!!!!

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  11. Those midi rings look great I have been wanting a couple but the prices have put me off, I'll definitely have to check out primark some time

  12. Ah I'm so excited, I didn't know Primark did mini rings! And they're actually nice ones. I love the dress and leggings too. I'm dying to go to Primark now to pick up some of these, hopefully!

    - Leanne x

  13. Ohh nice cardigan! Love your necklace and rings!


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