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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Tag | The 90's Child

Born in 1990...

1. Favourite Disney Movie | Where do I start? I'm crazy about Disney films and always will be but it has to be Aladdin. I really wanted my own pet tiger called Rajah.

2. Favourite Music Artist | I was a huuuge Spice Girls fan! I still have their Cd's and photo cards. Baby Spice was my favourite and I remember dressing up as her for a fancy dress party. I also loved Britney Spears, Blue, Steps, Destiny's Child and S Club 7.

3. Favourite TV Show | I loved The Care Bears, Rugrats, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Art Attack, Zzzap!, Get Your Own Back, Arthur and The Simpsons. 

4. Favourite Sweets | Push Pops, Pick 'N' Mix from Woolworths, Double Dips, Opal Fruits(Starbursts), Chewits, Refreshers, Pez, Bubble Tape, Dweebs and Nerds.
5. Favourite Game/Board Game | During the breaks at school, I enjoyed playing kiss chase ;), skipping rope games, bouncy balls and red rover. But you would probably find me in the playground making up dance routines to the latest single out. My favourite board games were Guess Who, Frustration, Monopoly and Dream Phone - Ahhhh loved that game! 

6. Favourite McDonald's Toy | I loved collecting the Beanie Baby toys. I also liked the Snoopy toys, Animal Pals and any Disney themed toys.

7. Favourite book | I was obsessed with Jacqueline Wilson books. The first one I owned was called The Suitcase Kid. I also enjoyed reading Allan Ahlberg books, Usborne books where you had to find the little yellow duck and Animal Ark books.

8. Favourite Clothes Shop | The only one I can remember was Tammy Girl. I loved going in there on a Saturday and using the photo booth machine that printed your pictures onto stickers. I remember my planner and pencil case was covered in them.
9. Favourite Toys | I had a little collection of Sky Dancers, Polly pockets, a Furby, Betty Spaghetties, Barbies and my favourite Pocahontas Doll which had leaves on her dress and they only appeared when put in the sun.

10. Fashion | Collar chokers, skirts over trousers/shorts (which have now come back into fashion, skorts I'm looking at you) blow up backpacks, wedge boots like the Spice Girls, jelly shoes, crimped hair, snap bracelets, butterfly clips, stick on earrings and mood rings.

11. Favourite Collectibles | Spice Girls photo cards - I only needed one to have the complete collection. Beanie Babies - I was a big fan of Beanie Babies and I still have them in the loft along with my Barbies. Stickers - I was obsessed with stickers. I use to have numerous sticker books filled with stickers of anything and everything. They were also plastered all over my room and books.

12. Favourite Beanie Baby | I had so many I liked from butterflies to cats and giraffes to unicorns. I still have one of my favourites called Floppity the Rabbit. It was one of the bigger Beanie Babies. I also had a collection of the special holiday bears from the Beanie Baby collection.
13. How many Tamagotchis did you go through? | I honestly don't know, I don't think it was that many, maybe a handful? They always seemed to die or the screen use to fill up with their poo?!

14. Favourite Game System and Game | I enjoyed playing on the PlayStation, especially Spyro the Dragon and Tomb Raider II. I always use to lock the Butler in the freezer! Did anyone else use to do that?

I hope you enjoyed this tag as much as I enjoyed writing it. I loved reminiscing about my younger days! I could of easily wrote a lot more for each answer but thought I would be here all day if I did. :)

If you were born in the 90's, what do you remember about your younger years?

Emily x


  1. HaHa! I can remember going to see the Spice Girls with my cousin! Oh my I loved the beanie babies!

  2. Ahhh reading this was like skipping down memory lane, I was addicted to beanie baby's, my collection was shameful haha I might have to do this tag, thanks for bringing back so many good memories Emily :)

  3. Hahaha this post is brilliant! I forgot about them stupid neck chocker things and them flying fairies! Aw, lovely blog (:

  4. This brings back great memories lol! Omg someone else who use to watch Zzzap not alot of people I mention this to knows what it is! I use to love the space jam toys at mcdonalds haha xx

  5. I USED TO LOCK HIM IN THE FREEZER TOO! Once me and my stepbrother accidentally killed Lara by the butler and we assumed the butler killed her, it made it so much more exciting and wasn't as fun after we realised this wasn't the case :(


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