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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Review | The Sweet Club Sweet Box*

For all you sweetie lovers out there, I have the perfect post for you today that'll leave you drooling ;) 
I am a big lover of sweeties, especially the pick 'n' mix kind. I use to spend most of my weekends, when I was younger, in Woolworths (hands up if you remember Woolies?) buying pick n mix sweeties. At first it was a bag you had to put the sweets in and you had to be extra careful with how many you picked, as it was priced by weight, but then it changed to a tub where you got to fill it up with however much you wanted and only paid a set price. This was the best idea ever! Then Woolworths went into liquidation and I was lost. Where would I get my sweetie fix? I occasionally get pick 'n' mix sweeties from WHSmiths and my local Traditional style sweet shop but when I heard about The Sweet Club sending out a box of 8 packs of sweets, chosen by yourself I knew this was something I was going to enjoy.
So how does it work?
1. Browse hundreds of sweets and choose 8 packs you like (You can change your selections every order).
2. Sign Up /Log In and let us know whether you would like a delivery Monthly or Fortnightly.
3. Place Order. We carefully pick and pack your chosen selection.
4. Update your next order, or leave it to us and we'll surprise you with a custom selected Sweet Box.
It is as simple as that! The hard bit is choosing which sweets to put into your box.
The Sweet Club have a huge variety of sweets to choose from. They have something for everyone. Whether you like hard boiled sweets or sweets that get stuck around your teeth, I'm pretty sure you'll find something you'll like.
Here is just a few sweets to give you an idea - Pear Drops, Sherbet Lemons, Dolly Mixtures, Fudge, Hardgums, BonBons and Jelly Beans to name a few.
Not only do they have the traditional British sweeties, they also have a selection of American candies - Hersheys, Tootsie Roll, Reeses and more :).
I was lucky enough to choose my own sweeties to go into the Sweet Box*. I was spoilt for choice as there were so many yummy looking sweets to choose from! Oh, and I didn't eat these all in one go or all to myself, just in case you were wondering. I had plenty of helpers! ;)
So, what did I pick?
(Apologies for the over used words of 'yummy', tasty' and 'so nice')

White Chocolate Coated Toffee Honeycomb | I was a little bit disappointed with this pack as I expected the honeycomb to be nice and crunchy but it was just a sticky gooey mess inside. I don't know if this pack had just gone stale or it was a dodgy batch? I did however have two nice pieces in the pack but typically they were the pieces my family picked out, so I didn't actually get to try it but they said it tasted good.

Strawberry Cable Bites | In high school, I always bought one long one of these for only 20p and always ate it in class (naughty naughty). These were very tasty.
Almond Nougat | I shared this pack with the family and they all loved it. Their views were it had just the right amount of sweetness and wasn't too sickly. Their favourite Nougat!
Peanut Butter M&M's | This was the packet I was most excited to try. I have never tried these before, as they are from America. Just recently, I have started to really like Peanut Butter and these went down a treat. So yummy!
ABC Letters | Not only are these sweets tasty but they are fun too. I like to spell my name out or spell words out of them before I munch into them! :)
Spogs | When I was younger I wasn't a huge fan of liquorice apart from these little bobbly balls?! Ha. I remember my Nan (who was a big lover of liquorice) eating Catherine Wheels and giving me the middle bit, which are called Spogs. (I never knew that until I received this box). Very nice!
Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles | These have to be my favourite sweets of all time. Even though some people relate to them as eating soap, I love them! You'll always find these in my pick 'n' mix tub.
White Chocolate Gems | These are a sweet that take me back to my younger days when I use to buy pick 'n' mix. They were the last sweets I use to put in my tub to fill any gaps as they were nice and small, so technically you were getting more sweets. Again, I will always have these in my pick 'n' mix selection.

My teeth are now aching from all that sugary goodness. At only £7.95 a box and free P+P to the UK, I think this is a fab idea for all you sweetaholics but it is also a great idea as a gift for someone. It comes well presented and would make a perfect present.

Are you a sweetie lover? Is this something you will try? I would love to know if you purchase this box for either yourself or as a gift :)

Emily x

*PR Sample


  1. Replies
    1. £7.95 a box! So not too bad really! :) xo

  2. WOW! my boyfriend would love this haha!

    I have some new posts over at the blog including a beauty haul, Origins post and a battle of herbal teas :D

    The Jewel Beauty Blog - A friendly beauty and lifestyle blog!

  3. mmmm i want the almond nougat. or to try the peanut butter m&ms.. i love pb + chocolate. perfect combo. yummy-ness! :) x

  4. Looks yummy! Not a bad price either :)

  5. Hello. I started a new blog a few days ago. Can I have your opinion about my new project? Follow me if you like.

  6. This is such a great idea! The other half would love this, he's always munching on pic n mix! Xx

  7. Oh my god.......need this box in my life AMAZING!!!!!!!

  8. This is such a great idea. I love my Graze boxes and this is like the version where I want to be naughty!

    Water Painted Dreams

  9. Such an amazing idea! The trouble I would have is keeping these to myself, I know they would end up in my boyfriends stomach far too quickly!!

    Putting my hand up to remember woollies and I too used to live around their pick n mix counters. Every trip to the cinema or on a long car journey my Mum would take us to get one. xo

  10. i need this... and now i'm hungry.

  11. That looks amazing - I can't resist sweets! The M&Ms look lush - never tried that flavour. :)

  12. I lovee sweets! What an amazing idea :) xxx

  13. This sounds like something i need to get! I can't resist sweeties! xo

  14. I think great for a present but you could get this amount from a good sweet shop for less money and box it up yourself! Would be a great surprise to send to someone though


  15. Yes. YES. YES!! This is exactly what I needed in my life... I think I might be asking for a subscription to this box for christmas... I have a rather large sweet tooth you see :/
    Hazzie xo

  16. Haha this is such a good idea! Love this, looks so yum! So good for the price aswell! xx

  17. This is awesome! I used to go Woolies! Ha. Used to love that shop for everything. They always end up shutting the best shops in our town lol. Not good! This is a really good idea though. I'm trying to weigh it up with what our local 'sweetie' shop does. They have these plastic jar things and it's £3.99 to fill em up or 3 for £10. You get quite a lot in the tub, but it seems you get quite a lot in the bags you've shown. I love posts like this, different to the usual beauty/fashion posts :) love it! Enjoy your sweets hun!! Oh, I found your blog via the #bbloggers chat and have followed, deffo want to be reading more of your posts in the future :). Keep in touch, Gem x


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