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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Review | Maybelline Baby Lips

I know you're all probably groaning 'not another Baby Lips post' but I thought I would share with you my opinion on them. I bought all 6 Baby Lips when Boots had their 3 for 2 deal. They are £2.99 each but I got all 6 for £11.96.
There was a lot of hype surrounding these lip balms and I know a lot of the British beauty bloggers couldn't wait to get their hands on them. I wasn't too sure about them at first but as soon as they were released over here I had to try one (or all six it seems). 
 L-R - Pink Punch | Peach Kiss | Cherry Me | Intense Care | Hydrate | Mint Fresh
I really like the packaging of these lip balms. I am a big sucker from brightly coloured items and they fit the bill perfectly. They have clear plastic lids and a screw bottom to reveal the product.
They have an artificial scent but I kinda like it. 
The first three shades are a tinted balm. The other three contain SPF, apply clear and glossy and are like 'repairing' lip balms.
The lip balms apply very smoothly and glide easily along the lips. Maybelline claim that Baby Lips offer 8 hours of hydration but I would have to disagree. I would say it's closer to an hour, if that. 
L-R - Pink Punch | Peach Kiss | Cherry Me
The three above shades apply a wash of colour to your lips. I'm slightly disappointed that the colours aren't more intense, like the colour in the bullet but hey ho, for £2.99 I'm not really going to complain. 
These are perfect to put in your handbag when you need a fix for dry lips but they are not a fix for cracked lips. They are a fun little product but I don't think I will be repurchasing any of them. 

Do you own any of the Maybelline Baby Lips?

Emily x


  1. Ahh these posts keep popping up, think I need one! I agree perfect for the handbag.

    Liza| Glambeautys

  2. The Maybelline Baby Lips are great I love them! I have Peach Punch and use it all the time!

    Kimberley x

  3. I've not tried these... not sure if I will... do you find they moisturise your lips quite well? Or do you feel you need to keep reapplying the product? x

  4. nice

  5. The packaging is amazing, really stands out! I do agree with you on how I wanted the colours to be more intense, Cherry Me would look gorgeous if it had more pigement to it! :) xx

  6. I love the packaging of there - I need to try them out some time!


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