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Thursday, 15 August 2013

I've Been Shopping.....Again!

Yes I've done it again, I've been shopping! My excuse is that my holiday is next week and I'm picking up some last minute bits, but then again who needs an excuse to go shopping! I think these types of posts are my favourite as you get to know what's in the shops before actually going shopping and you might hear of a bargain or two.
Tops - £4 each - I love the colour of these tops, it's what first drew me to them. These are a lightweight material which can be worn with anything. I have worn them tucked into a black maxi skirt, worn them with jeans and even leggings. They have a tiny little 'cheap' looking flower gem on the pocket which I didn't like at first and was going to remove it but it's kinda grown on me. I will have to see how they wash otherwise it will be coming off!
Midi Dress - £10 - I love midi length dresses at the moment and this one fits the bill perfectly. The cut on it is lovely and it fits nicely in all the right places. It's a steal at only 10 pounds and will be perfect for holiday with a pair of wedges and gold jewellery.

Skirt - £4 - Again, another bargain. This is also coming on holiday with me. I'm planning on wearing it in the evening with a black cami (which you can see below) and also gold jewellery. I'm loving aztec prints for holiday.
You can't go wrong with Primark underwear. Now I don't know about you girlies but I love buying new underwear for holiday. These are such a bargain at £1 a pair and come in a huge array of colours. Even if they only last for the holiday I haven't lost out. I also got a pack of 3 thongs for £2.50, bargain!
New Look
Cami Tops - £9.99 each - Everyone is going crazy for this style of top at the moment and yes, I am one of those people. I orignally saw the Topshop ones but for £18 I wasn't going to spend that much on just one, but then I noticed these in New Look for only £9.99 and I caved. I bought quite neutral colours as I think I would get more wear out of them rather than the bright neon shades. (Even though I do have my eye on a mint one).
(I think Primark also sell them for only a fiver but I didn't like how they hung on me. Just in case you are looking for a cheaper alternative)
I bought two packs of earrings also from New Look. The first pack have 6 pairs and costs £4.99. I love the style of these earrings and these will be coming on holiday with me. The next pair were in the sale for only £1.75 and these are sort of my everyday earrings. I'm currently loving gold hearts and as soon as I saw these I knew I had to have them.

River Island
Necklace - £4 - I have been looking for a simple necklace like this for a while now and at only £4 I couldn't pass it up. I like to call it my smiley necklace because it reminds me of a smiley face and also if you look very carefully on the 'smile' itself it says 'make me smile' along it.
Shorts - £? - My boyfriend surprised me with this vintage Levi shorts for our holiday. I think he got them off eBay but I'm not too sure how much. They are slightly high waisted and can be turned up at the bottom. I have wanted my own pair of Levi's as I have heard good things about them and now I do! 

Shorts - £19.99 - Liam and I visited Freeport Braintree shopping outlet at the weekend, which is a designer outlet selling clothes at discounted prices. It was the first time I had visited and I have to say I was impressed. ( I would of been more impressed if there was a CCO ;) ). Anyways we wasn't too sure what shops to expect, so I was quite excited when I saw a Hollister shop. The prices were still on the pricier side but nonetheless I got these gorgeous shorts reduced from £39 to £19.99! Again the boy treated me to these ;).
Nike Blazers - £49 - Now these may not be to everyone's taste but I have wanted a pair of Nike Blazers for ages but I wasn't willing to spend £70 on them! The shopping outlet I mentioned above also had a Nike shop and Liam wanted to pop in and have a look. Luckily we did as I came across these babies. They were the last pair in my size and were originally £70 but I got them for £49. Liam treated me to these as well ( he did goooood ;) ). I can see myself wearing these a lot when the weather starts to get cooler. These will be perfect to throw on with a pair of jeans or even with a cute dress to change things up a bit.

What have you been buying recently?

Emily x


  1. Oohh, i LOVE those shorts and blazers! Girl after my own heart ;)


  2. Such a nice haul, Primark do fab undies! I wish those NL camis would fall right on me, I have to buy the Topshop ones.

    Tara xo

  3. I love the midi dress. I have been wearing them not stop this summer, I find them so flattering :)

  4. The colours of the camis are so pretty! Love the necklace also :)
    Daisie Petals

  5. Love the Aztec bits & actually, I really lie the idea of the Blazers. They'd look naff on me though! Have a good holiday x

  6. Ooo I love all of this, you've found some great bargains :) I love the primark tops, I have the blue one and a lime green one too :D
    Have a lovely holiday :)
    Love Holly x

  7. You bought some nice pieces. Those earrings are cute.
    Adela x

  8. I adore the colours of those blazers! I have no idea how you can wear thongs they annoy the hell out of me! I've been investing in make up rather than clothes recently!

  9. Great haul , love e blazers xx


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