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Friday, 19 July 2013

Popbands | Milkshake

I hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous weather we are currently having here in the UK, we can safely say it's officially Summer...finally! 
Today I want to share with you something I discovered the other week. This post is going to be about hairbands but these are much more than just hairbands, these are Popbands! I came across a blog post someone had tweeted and had a read and was intrigued, so I clicked onto the website and ended up purchasing some.
What They Say - "Kind on your hair, cute on your wrist. Popbands are delicious soft, stretchy 'no dent' hairbands that hold hair up tight and still leave it fresh and kink-free when you take it down!"
Popbands won’t:
• dent/kink your hair
• rip your hair
• flirt with your man

Popbands will:
• look and feel great in your hair and on your wrist
• be gentle with your hair and give it a little cuddle
• stay in place and make you wear your hair up more
I picked the multi pack in the shades called Milkshake as I was instantly drawn to the pastel shades.
"Hit the dance floor and do the milkshake ladies, the cutest selection of pastel colours that actually make you let your hair down even when it's uptight and funky... How amazingly cute?! We love the milkshake baby! 
Inspired by: milkshakes, pastel bikinis, colouring pencils milkshakes!Wear me: on long lazy sunny days around the pool bar sipping fruity cocktails with your pet chameleon Dave" 
I don't know about you but I always seem to have a hair band around my wrist whether my hair is tied up or not. (I actually have one on my wrist as I'm typing this!) I tend to use just plain blondish hairbands or black ones. I have to say they don't look that 'cute' in the hair or around the wrist but with Popbands they look super cute with both. They kind of remind me of the bands you get if you have been to a festival or something :).
These have been very handy for this hot weather as I can scrunch all my hair up and it feels comfortable and the Popbands don't leave any dents in the hair for when I want to take it down in the evenings! :)
Popbands start from as little as £4 and come in a variety of colours. They also come as a single band, in 2's or in multi packs of 5. Some of them even have a cute little bead on which I am eyeing up! :)

Have you heard or tried Popbands before?

Emily x


  1. Ohh I have some of these, I wear them all the time for work they're soo adorable and as you said, amazingly gentle on the hair - love!

    This is a fab post, I'd never heard of this website before, mine were from ebay! xx

  2. I hadn't even heard of these prior to reading your post - but I must have a packet! The pastel shades are very cute x

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  4. These are so cute, I hadn't heard of them either. Fab idea xx

  5. These are so cute! Especially with the pastel colours.
    They're a really good idea, might look in to buying these!
    Estelle x

  6. These sound amazing, I always worry about breaking my hair with my hair bobbles because I wear it in a topknot a lot during the Summer because its so hot. Going to look into these. They look so cute too Xx

  7. I've never heard of these before! Do they pull tight enough? There is nothing that bugs me more than my hair falling out of a pony tail!

  8. These look great, I'm definitely going to buy a few! I'm always hunting around my handbag for hair bands. Looks like my problems have been solved! x

  9. Love the look of these! really need to buy some. :)


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