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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tag | 50 Things About Me

Today I have decided to do the 50 things about me tag! I was going to do 100 but I thought that would take forever and you'll probably get quite bored! I really like reading these tags as it's a quick and fun way to get to know someone!

1. I love anything pink and sparkly.
2. I have an obsession with Disney and love nothing better then watching Disney films.
3. Hopefully next year the boyfriend and I will be going to Disney World Florida.
4. My favourite animals are Dolphins and my dream would be to swim with them.
5. I have a scar on my right foot from putting a garden fork through it when I was younger. Ouch!
6. I drive a Corsa but my dream car would be a Mini Convertible.
7. I wrote a diary for the whole of last year.
8. I have a phobia of clowns. Even the cartoon ones on tele I avoid at all costs!
9. I currently work in a Pre-School but would love to work in a hospital on the maternity ward or children's wards.
10. My iPhone never leaves my side.
11. I love MAC lipsticks.
12. Models Own are my favourite brand of nail varnishes.
13. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years! :)
14. I love the Summer for the sun but I also love the Winter for the snow.
15. I love visiting Zoo's. I visit my local one on a regular basis and I'm actually a Gold member ;)
16. For my Christmas present in 2012, I was a Zoo keeper for the day and I have to say that was one of the best days of my life. I got up close and personal with animals I'd could never imagined!
17. I have fed hot Ribena to an Orangutan and was so close I could of touched it! (but of course I was told not to).
18. I'm right handed and have quite big handwriting.
19. I have climbed a mountain in Wales in very strong winds and rain!
20. I have very ticklish feet.
21. I love the film Mean Girls and can recite it word for word.
22. I love having bubble baths. The more bubbles the better. My favourite bubble bath product is The Comforter from Lush. Mmm Blackcurrant.
23. My mum is my best friend.
24. I have quite a few pets including a dog, a tortoise, fish, chickens and ducks.
25. I'm off to see Rihanna in June.
26. My birthday is 6th July and I will be 23 this year.
27. Since starting my blog, I have become more obsessed with makeup and fashion.
28. My boyfriend and I have been on holiday, every year since we have been together.
29. I never sneeze just once. The most I have sneezed in one go is about 9!
30. I get really excited when I see a celebrity out and about.
31. I would love to visit my old Primary school.
32. If I was to have my prom again, I would have a completely different dress and do my makeup and hair differently too.
33. I have no patience when painting my nails. I wish they would dry straight away.
34. I'm shy when meeting new people.
35. I passed my driving test first time and it happened to be on my dad's birthday!
36. I love visiting new places and going sightseeing.
37. I have 5 piercings. My ears twice, my tragus, helix(top of ear) and my belly button.
38. I'm a natural blonde but when I was first born I had jet black hair and lots of it.
39. In 2011, I dyed my hair dark brown and hated it!
40. I always put myself down.
41. I'm currently studying for my NVQ Level 4 in Children's Care, Learning and Development.
42. My last ever meal would be a full blown roast dinner. YUM!
43. I used to drink fizzy drinks all the time, now I rarely touch them.
44. I get scared really easily and always cover my eyes when watching scary films.
45. I love people watching.
46. I love Pick 'n' Mix sweeties! Those blue and pink sour bottles are so tasty.
47. I always have cold hands and matter the weather.
48. I used to belong to a dance group when I was at high school and I wished I kept it up.
49. I love going on holiday.
50. I'm so happy I started blogging as I have met so many lovely girlies and will hopefully met them in person soon :)

So there you have it, 50 random facts about me. I hope you found them interesting. Let me know if we have anything in common in the comment box below! I would also love to hear some of your random facts! :)

Emily x


  1. Lovely post!

    I love people watching too and I get ridiculously excited when I see a celebrity, I haven't even seen anyone hugely famous!

    Rebecca x

  2. Ooh I could really relate to some of these - especially Mean Girls, sneezing and pick & mix sweets! So jealous of you seeing Rihanna, she is so good live! x


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