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Monday, 8 April 2013

My 5 Bad Beauty Habits

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I have seen this tag appearing on a few blogs lately, so thought I would give it a go! It's all about our bad beauty habits, lets face it, we all have them so I  thought I would share with you mine...

1. Picking my nail varnish off - As soon as I see that my nail varnish has chipped, I start to pick away at it. I find glitter nail varnish is so easy to pick off due to the amount of layers you need of it and there is that little bit of satisfaction when it peels off whole! This leads me onto number two...

2. Biting my nails - When I don't have any nail varnish on my nails, I bite them. I have bit my nails ever since I was little. I go through stages where I can let my nails grow and they look lovely, but again as soon as I split a nail or catch it on something I bite them. (Reminder for self - I must carry nail clippers around with me!!)

3. Not regularly washing my makeup brushes - I am really lazy when it comes to washing my make up brushes! I tend to spot clean them every other week which is really bad! Just think of all that bacteria that builds up in them! I need to spot clean them at least every week and deep clean them every 2 weeks!

4. Biting/licking my lips - When my lips are dry, instead of using a lip balm, I lick them. This is bad for your lips because when your constantly licking your lips, it makes them drier than if they are left alone. Always apply a moisturising lip balm. Again, when they are dry I do tend to bite my lips which then make them red and sore, not nice!

5. Picking spots eww! - How tempting is it when you see a white head on your face, you just want to squeeze it! As much as I try not to pop spots, I do. I now look back at my face and see the tiny red marks/scarring that previous spots have left and I really regret popping them! I must leave them alone!

Well.... I have to say I was cringing whilst typing this post! Naughty naughty Emily! I'm now off to wash my makeup brushes ;)

What are your bad beauty habits?

Emily x



  1. haha I do all of these except bite my nails - i agree that they all give that little satisfaction especially picking off nail varnish! x

  2. Oh my god! I do all of these things except bite my nails! But I definitely agree with number 5, I can not let myself walk around with a great big white head on my face!! XX

    Hannah; Glitter and Sparkle

  3. I am terrible when it comes to washing my make up brushes - whoops!


  4. I feel like I could just copy & paste this list for myself! Although, I only have one nail that I bite & it's usually just when I'm nervous. Looks like you're not alone in your bad beauty habits =) xx

  5. I have been pretty lazy in washing my brushes lately. Just seem such a big chore every time. Have to try to spot clean more often so I can delay my deep cleaning :)

  6. Picking my nail varnish of is my bad habit too!

    Jamie ♥

  7. Ahahah I'm sure there are plenty of us who rarely wash our makeup brushes too - I knw I'm guilty! If I do it at least once a month, I'm proud of myself!

  8. Well, I'll admit I do all 5 so you aren't alone! xx

  9. 1, 3 and 5! - i HATE chipped nail polish so i have to pick if off so that it makes it easier for me to paint my nails again, instead of getting the nail polish remover out :/ - I also HATE cleaning make up brushes, such a long and boring chore.
    And lastly, i think we all do number 5, as much as we don't want to admit it haha xx


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