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Friday, 12 April 2013

Models Own | Scented Fruit Pastel Collection & Swatches

L-R - Banana Split | Blueberry Muffin | Strawberry Tart | Grape Juice | Apple Pie

"Five pretty pastel shades that cleverly release an infused fruity scent, keeping fingers fresh and fashionable! Once dry they emit a subtle, but pretty perfume that matches their name. Complete with retro 'scratch and sniff' stickers!"

If you read my blog regularly you know I am a huge fan of Models Own nail varnishes and own quite a few of their collections now. So when I heard they were releasing a new 'scented' range, I was very intrigued to see what they would be like. Models Own nail varnishes cost £5 each but this collection costs £20, so that's saving you a fiver! Who doesn't love a saving? 
These are all such pretty colours and have such sweet names! I am a big lover of pastel shades, so this collection was right up my street. They even come with little 'scratch 'n' sniff' stickers on the top of the bottles, so you get to try before you buy I guess! ;) (Totally reminds me of my 90's childhood with those scratch and stickers you could buy, oh and gel pens!)
At first glance I thought I was going to end up with a couple of dupes of shades I already own. Grape Juice reminded me of Lilac Dream and Blueberry Muffin looked like Beth's Blue but after swatching them together this collection is a much lighter, pastel version! 
As for the 'scent', you still got your typical nail varnish smell when applying them but as they dried you do get a slight hint of what they were supposed to be. Strawberry Tart is the strongest of scents and smells so yummy. The nail varnishes consistency itself was a bit watery. You needed to apply quite a few coats to get a decent finish. I found they streaked a lot more then the normal Models Own Polishes.
A fun little gimmick which doesn't last long but I will love and use the colours nonetheless!
You can view the Models Own website here or go straight to the collection here.

Have you picked up this collection? What's you favourite shade?

Emily x



  1. These are SUCH nice shades and the scent they each have is a nice bonus too, I'll definitely think about getting these now :) xx

  2. They look adorable! Love pastel shades for summer!


  3. I really want banana split and apple pie x

  4. I really love all these colours, shame they are a bit on the watery side x

  5. Such a pretty collection. I love all the pastels haha I cant pick a favourite :)xx

  6. ooh, strawberry tart looks pretty! xxx

  7. Each one of these colours is amazing! I love pastel colours and could just see me wearing these one on each nail for spring! Shame I can't have nail polish for work :( xx

  8. OMG! I used to be a nail varnish addicted and just saw these beautiful colours and I think I should get them! and I'm also a pastel colours lover, they're so me! How pretty and cute they are! LOVE THEM!! <3

    Big kisses!!

  9. Omg the gel pens, boy that takes me back, I feel so old haha. I really need to pick up a few from this collection, I just need to figure out which ones :-)

  10. These colours are so beautiful, I've heard so many good things about them and I really can't wait to try them out. I can't even pick a favourite colour out of them, that's how you know it's a good collection! The fact that they're scented just makes me love them more too!

    Hazzie xx

  11. Eeek I love every single one of these shades!! They're perfect for spring :D kind of like the fact they smell nice too ahha not that I often smell my nails but hey ho!!xxx

  12. What gorgeous colours! And scratch and sniff? That really is reminiscent of the gel pens I had pencil cases full of. xx

  13. Oh my goodness, amazing! I must have them :) X

  14. These shades are absolutely gorgeous! I've heard mixed reviews about these polishes, some people love them, some people think they're just okay. I too love models own so will definitely be checking this out as pastels are my favourite!

    Christina | Passion Obsession - Currently hosting a giveaway

  15. These colours look so pretty! I love the pastel colours at the moment, but I always use nails inc topcoat on my nails so I dont think I'd be able to smell them :( definitely reminds me of the gel pens I used to have!

    Tamsin xx |

  16. Oh wow those swatches are amazing... aren't they gorgeous? I have two so far.. and they really do smell :D xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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